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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Designer's Review: Round Neck Tee

What's up Yhuwdah supporters!?

I know it's been a while my last blog, truthfully I found it to be a mentally taxing commitment :-) Oftentimes I struggle with what topics to write you guys about and today this thought came to me. I thought why don't I write about the thought process behind each garment. So that is my objective today.

Today I will start with our newest release of tees (t-shirt) designs. Our Round Neck Tees first come in two color options: Light grey (body) w/ blood red & black design and the other color option is grape/purple (body) w/ light grey & black design. The design is reminiscent of the popular "I Love (heart) N.Y." tees but we put a twist on it and made it an "I Love (Lion logo) Yhuwdah" tee, and on the upper back/centered is our brand name Yhuwdah.
Why this design you may ask. Well, in our attempt to build a global brand glorifying God and complimenting the appearance of beautiful people, we have collected such people as yourself that identifies with us and "loves" the movement. This limited edition round neck tee is in honor of these people, because without them/you, who really would Yhuwdah be?

Another interesting feature of this round neck tee is the velevet print that we incorporated into the design. The black color print (on both tees) is done in velvet print. It is slightly raised from the surface of the garment, and above the other print and it's texture is that of velvet. I believe this is what gives this round neck tee a luxurious feel in comparison to your basic graphic tee.

Lastly, my favorite features, the weight and feel of the fabric of this round neck tee. The weight of this tee is very light but not transparent at all. So layering it as I did to bring out the white in my jeans (see photo) is a great option to take advantage of. However, if you choose to wear the round neck tee alone, you will feel the incredible softness of the super-combed cotton and the relax fit of this tee.

This is a great piece to add to your wardrobe for those days when you are on the go but would like not to have to make a choice between fashion or can have both.

Visit today and purchase either the Purple Round Neck Tee or the Grey Round Neck Tee. We are grateful for your past, present, and future support both in prayer and finances. If you love our brand's purpose, this round neck tee is the perfect way to show it :-)