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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photoshoot 1

Greetings Yhuwdah Family,

We had a great time today! The site that we conducted our photoshoot was at an abandoned resort behind McDonalds in Mahaboula, Kuwait. It was a very interesting scene and photographer Kenneth D. Aston Jr. brought each scene to life with models: Cerue Tapp, James Owens & Des Madrigal. Marlon A. Malinao (MUA) did an outstanding job with the make-up as well. We are so happy the photoshoot went so well.

Yhuwdah model: Des Madrigal modeled the Yhuwdah polo style shirt (color combo: white, black and red & blue, purple, and white), this garment truly legitimize casual, sassy, everyday clothing. She also modeled the Lyrics Tee Shirt Dress (color combo: purple and white).

Yhuwdah model: Cerue Tapp modeled the Lyrics Tee Shirt Dress (color combo: pink and black & white and cream), this dress accentuates the curves of your everyday women, all-the-while being functional. Cerue also modeled one of the Polo Style Shirts (color combo: pink, blue & white).

Yhuwdah Model: James Owens modeled the V-neck tee Shirt (color combos: black and gray & red and white & white and black) which is slim cut to highlight the masculinity of the man. He also modeled the men's Yhuwdah Jeans (charcoal w/ gray wash & light blue w/ white wash) which is a light weight, flexible, straight leg, and relax fit jean. Also, there was the Military Button Shirt (black & white), this is a show stopper with a creative embroidery style.

So Yhuwdah fans & followers, stay tuned because there's a bit more left to shown and discovered. Yhuwdah has just launched an official Youtube channel Yhuwdah Clothing (YouTube), Yhuwdah Twitter Page  and Yhuwdah Clothing (FB) we look forward to having you along for the journey. 

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