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Monday, October 17, 2011

What is Yhuwdah?

As many of you may know Yhuwdah is indeed the name of my new clothing brand. Merging from independent artist to independent business man, the transition is quite different, massively. Yhuwdah is just another way to spell the word Judah. Those that followed me on my official website or on FB, know generally, my intent with this word. I chose the word Judah or Yhuwdah partly because of the phrase coined, "Lion of Judah", which is a reference to Jesus Christ. Many know Jesus Christ for various reasons, although the name alone can cause a riot in certain geographical locations. One thing that many agree on is the purity in His lifestyle. The reason for choosing this name for my clothing line is because I find myself saying, very often, "I want all that I do to glorify (or praise) the Lord" (following the example placed before me in Jesus Christ). Hence, the meaning of Yhuwdah (Judah) which means "praise", as it is translated from Hebrew. So that's why the name: Yhuwdah.

Whether you see Yhuwdah on our v-neck tee, polo style shirts (men & women), and/or the Yhuwdah dress know that the purpose of each garment existence is to give praise to The Creator of the creator of Yhuwdah.

The Yhuwdah brand slogan is Honor. Glory. Life.; which means we are exclusive to doing the following: promoting positive responses to life in a way that "pure" glory is obtained and honored; you will see slogans such as this on our v-neck tee which happens to feature a a big face lion logo and our slogan. Encouraging people of this brand to remain steadfast in honor, glory & life which is obtainable through love. Lastly, this slogan articulates the biblical point of view of love which I hope infuses application in the lives of the wearers of each garment.

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