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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt.1

I had a few friends, business associates, and my wife ask me, "What is my prediction of the bestsellers of the Yhuwdah brand?" Over the course of a few days I will tell you what my picks are, as well as why I picked them. Let's start with the men collection. I believe that best selling garment of the men collection will be, undoubtedly, the Luxury Lyrics Tee. The runners-up will be the Yhuwdah jeans and the printed polo shirt. But today we will focus on the Luxury Lyrics Tee.  Let me describe the details of this garment.

  •  Shoulder flap with silver colored snap button accented on the shoulders of the of the garment to add a bit of a soldierly look to the shirt.
  • The massive Yhuwdah lion logo centered on the entire chest in two-tone felt applique with contrast stitching. This is unheard-of on a tee shirt.
  • Let's not forget what separates the tee from the mediocre in order to earn the title: luxury. It is the 100% cotton, super combed single jersey with 210-220 GSM the makes this garment luxurious for the not so average tee.
  • Water based pigment print, which is used for the great construction of the lyrics.
  • The large print of the word Metamorphosis, which stretches across the entire back of the arms (sleeves) and shoulder. Giving it an extremely bold look. We also stepped-up the class of this design by putting this massive word in felt applique with top running show stitching, just as we did with the Yhuwdah lion logo on the front of the shirt.

This shirt was inspired by the rap artist DaClay (, who wrote a song titled: I'm Changed Remix featuring Willie Derr which inspired & birth the Luxury Lyrics Tee called: Metamorphosis. Bits and pieces of this song are incorporated into the completed look of the water based pigment print design on the back of the tee. 

I believe that this garment will sell more amongst the others because it gives off a very masculine but luxurious feel and look to the wearer of the garment.

This piece is certainly going to go very fast indeed!

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