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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt. 4

Let's talk about this women's Lyrics Tee Shirt Dress by Yhuwdah !!!

The birth of this dress was an attempt to piggy-back off of what I did with the men's luxury lyrics tee aka Metamorphosis Tee. Henceforth, the lyrics tee shirt dress is inspired by the song "That One" (To listen click the link that says "That one") by Da Clay  featuring Raging Moses, Ali-Ro, and Bridge-B (Lifeline , 2010). In this beautifully orchestrated song the artists spoke to encourage women in the essence of who they are as a creation and the Creator's design of woman. So the lyrics of the artist Da Clay, that are featured on the third verse of this song, are incorporated into this dress so that every woman wearing this garment is saying, "I am whole in who I am despite what media has to say about it". Here are the lyrics for those who aren't culturally inclined to this genre of music:

Artist: Da Clay
Album: Life Line 2010

When I saw her/
I knew there was something about her/
You can see her love for Christ, by the way/
(you remind me of a Proverbs 31)

Verse 3 (Da Clay)
Her aura radiates from her core/
Her purposely known purpose, she knows been given of the Lord/ (she so beautiful)
Not only in the eye sense/
Nor even the nose sense/
This is blowing all my minds sense/
The Lord's handcrafted incense/
Remember how Eliezer laid his eyes upon Rebecca/
And resting upon her tongue, character formed in love and kindness/
Her services wasn't selfish/
Now Isaac is in communion-ship/
Her many forms of virtuosity wrapped in her meekness/
Intrinsically, intriguing, intricately created/
I'm bated by her existence, my soul is so elated/
Her worth has been confiscated (the media)/
Her value appreciated (the mediator)/
Now every eye can this creation like the Creator/
With every fiber in my being/
I wish to bring into being/
This royal committed for my life my queen/
             ...RING (marriage)/                   

(Figure 1.1)

This tee shirt dress is a love of mine because of the  thigh length and soft look of the fabric, made in supers combed 98% cotton & 2% elasthane 240gsm, which makes for a dress that creates a perfect "frame"(garment)  for the "picture" (person) in it. The silhouette cut makes for a comfortable fit for the body without sacrificing freedom of movement. The primary colors are going to be honey suckle, bright white, and deep lavender, perfect for a 2012 Spring/Summer day out.


*Beautiful low scoop neck that makes the dress flattering.
*Cap sleeves that gives way to the arms.


*I bold and beautiful foil print logo design that is about 5.5 x 7 inches centered on your upper back, to give a reflective property to this dress.

Side (Left)

*Okay, this is a favorite part I like about this garment because you don't see it much on tee shirts anymore. The brand's name in a large 3.5 x 13 inch chain stitch filling embroidery with thick yearn, that wraps from the front/center of the shirt on to the side to the back/center along the waistline.

Side (Right)

* The lyrics (Figure 1.1) that edify "the" woman printed in water base pigment print that feels smooth to the touch.

This is certainly going to be a piece that I can't wait to see my wife in!

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