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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt. 3

I left off with the amazing dress of the women's collection, now let's go back to the men's collection. My second favorite article of clothing that I am excited about and I believe will be a very popular item will be the jeans. The men's jeans,  I'd like to call, Yhuwdah Jeans  are what I call "a stand out" amongst some of today's popular brands. They are creatively designed with art and fashion in mind. Here are a few details of this garment:


* First you have the 1.5 mm metal silver studs accenting the line of the pocket the jeans  with the brand's name (Yhuwdah) in silk thread, puff embroidery along the right pocket of the wearer. I thought that this was a great attribute to the jean because with this feature alone the jean becomes something that you can wear with a simple tee shirt or you can "go-all-out" with it.
*Another great attribute to this 5-pocket pair of jeans is the lighter wash on the thigh of the jean and the two-colored speckled paint splashes randomly placed throughout this design. This is another par of the vision of this collection that displays quality and detail.
*Lastly, let's not forget the high quality 14 oz. 100% cotton denim used , in order to this men's jean a manageable masculine feel.

*The back of this jean certainly steps the category of this jean from middle class to high end with the massive letter "Y" center on each back pocket in cross stitch filling embroidery done in lurex thread. To continue with this idea of the embroidered look, we added our company slogan as well "Honor. Glory. Life."
*Just to give Yhuwdah's stamp of approval we give you the lion of Yhuwdah logo in filling embroidery with silk thread .

This is going to be a pair of those jeans that you wear until it is completely worn and once it  is completely worn a new love for its comfortablity will set in. I can't wait to wear these jeans myself! Look for this pair of jeans on the Official website and/or!/groups/Yhuwdah/ in the coming months.

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