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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"On My Grizzy" What is it? What does it mean?

Main scripture: James 1:22



Grind (grizzy):  
*(Verb) Informal. to work or study laboriously (often followed by away ): He was grinding away at his algebra.   *(Noun) Informal. an excessively diligent student

Do: 
*to perform (an act, duty, role, etc.)
*to accomplish; finish; complete

-er:  
*or designating either persons or things from some special

Doer: 
*a person or thing that does characteristic or circumstance something, especially a person who gets things done efficiency. 
*with vigor and 
*a person characterized by action, as distinguished from one given to contemplation.  

*James 1:2-18- scriptural basis is “faith”. *James intention there was to provoke faith and a trust in the completed work of Jesus Christ in the most dreadful times in ones’ life.
*James 1:19-25- Now you see James encouraging the BELIEVERS to “do” more than read, pray and talk scripture, he is now challenging them to BECOME scripture for those that do not believe/read the Bible.
*James 1:26-27 Here you see where James even gets more stern and says, “If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man's religion is vain.” 
*One of the biggest things that is pointed out throughout the chapter is that fact that our heart should match our works, the trap is this…many believers will automatically forget the weight that the grace of God carries. Grace is given to us it is not earned at all. 
*Ephesisians 4:7 But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. Hence there is no way we can pay back something we have not borrowed, all that’s left to do is show the Provider of Grace honor and thanks by using it when it is needed (when you sin against God) and get back up (Proverbs 24:16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.) and start at it again...WITHOUT CONDEMNING YOURSELF (Romans 8: 1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.). Where condemnation starts is exactly where perseverance stops.

So be a DOER and get on your GRIZZY for the kingdom of God.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Designer's Review: Round Neck Tee

What's up Yhuwdah supporters!?

I know it's been a while my last blog, truthfully I found it to be a mentally taxing commitment :-) Oftentimes I struggle with what topics to write you guys about and today this thought came to me. I thought why don't I write about the thought process behind each garment. So that is my objective today.

Today I will start with our newest release of tees (t-shirt) designs. Our Round Neck Tees first come in two color options: Light grey (body) w/ blood red & black design and the other color option is grape/purple (body) w/ light grey & black design. The design is reminiscent of the popular "I Love (heart) N.Y." tees but we put a twist on it and made it an "I Love (Lion logo) Yhuwdah" tee, and on the upper back/centered is our brand name Yhuwdah.
Why this design you may ask. Well, in our attempt to build a global brand glorifying God and complimenting the appearance of beautiful people, we have collected such people as yourself that identifies with us and "loves" the movement. This limited edition round neck tee is in honor of these people, because without them/you, who really would Yhuwdah be?

Another interesting feature of this round neck tee is the velevet print that we incorporated into the design. The black color print (on both tees) is done in velvet print. It is slightly raised from the surface of the garment, and above the other print and it's texture is that of velvet. I believe this is what gives this round neck tee a luxurious feel in comparison to your basic graphic tee.

Lastly, my favorite features, the weight and feel of the fabric of this round neck tee. The weight of this tee is very light but not transparent at all. So layering it as I did to bring out the white in my jeans (see photo) is a great option to take advantage of. However, if you choose to wear the round neck tee alone, you will feel the incredible softness of the super-combed cotton and the relax fit of this tee.

This is a great piece to add to your wardrobe for those days when you are on the go but would like not to have to make a choice between fashion or can have both.

Visit today and purchase either the Purple Round Neck Tee or the Grey Round Neck Tee. We are grateful for your past, present, and future support both in prayer and finances. If you love our brand's purpose, this round neck tee is the perfect way to show it :-)



Monday, December 5, 2011

Photo Shoot 2: Al Kout Mall, Kuwait

Yhuwdah Fam!
I pray this message finds you in peace and joy, if not I hope it creates a smile on your face this moment.

I am please to announce that Yhuwdah is set for yet another photo shoot this week! Here's the twist...we are inviting you out to view a few more pieces of our collection on site! On site, you will meet the models, be a part of a live taping of the "behind the scenes" footage, and more!

We start shooting at 8:30am and will end...when we finish shooting (smiles). The location for the photo shoot site is: behind Al Kout Mall in Fahaheel, Kuwait. We will be shooting with photographer Kenneth D. Aston Jr. again, . So come on out and join us in watching a journey in movement. We taking photos of both men and women clothing on this day so come see what you can be wearing in the early months of 2012. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photoshoot 1

Greetings Yhuwdah Family,

We had a great time today! The site that we conducted our photoshoot was at an abandoned resort behind McDonalds in Mahaboula, Kuwait. It was a very interesting scene and photographer Kenneth D. Aston Jr. brought each scene to life with models: Cerue Tapp, James Owens & Des Madrigal. Marlon A. Malinao (MUA) did an outstanding job with the make-up as well. We are so happy the photoshoot went so well.

Yhuwdah model: Des Madrigal modeled the Yhuwdah polo style shirt (color combo: white, black and red & blue, purple, and white), this garment truly legitimize casual, sassy, everyday clothing. She also modeled the Lyrics Tee Shirt Dress (color combo: purple and white).

Yhuwdah model: Cerue Tapp modeled the Lyrics Tee Shirt Dress (color combo: pink and black & white and cream), this dress accentuates the curves of your everyday women, all-the-while being functional. Cerue also modeled one of the Polo Style Shirts (color combo: pink, blue & white).

Yhuwdah Model: James Owens modeled the V-neck tee Shirt (color combos: black and gray & red and white & white and black) which is slim cut to highlight the masculinity of the man. He also modeled the men's Yhuwdah Jeans (charcoal w/ gray wash & light blue w/ white wash) which is a light weight, flexible, straight leg, and relax fit jean. Also, there was the Military Button Shirt (black & white), this is a show stopper with a creative embroidery style.

So Yhuwdah fans & followers, stay tuned because there's a bit more left to shown and discovered. Yhuwdah has just launched an official Youtube channel Yhuwdah Clothing (YouTube), Yhuwdah Twitter Page  and Yhuwdah Clothing (FB) we look forward to having you along for the journey. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Collection

Hello Yhuwdah Fam!

Today we have some outstanding news that I'm sure will make you feel like getting up and dance! Many of you have been sending emails, wall posts on the Yhuwdah FB Group (click here for access) texting and/or calling me with this same question on your tongues, "When are we going to see the collection?". My response to that question would be, November 20, 2011!

Yhuwdah Fashion Blog  is going to give you a snapshot of the collection on this date as we prepare the launch of our brand new reconstructed website (click here for access). However, when the full collection is received your opportunity to pre-order your tee shirt dress, jeans, polo shirt, and tee shirt will be made available! Keep in mind Yhuwdah members that this collection will be a Limited Edition Collection, meaning a small amount will be made available. So, it would be best to pre-order to secure your purchase.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt. 4

Let's talk about this women's Lyrics Tee Shirt Dress by Yhuwdah !!!

The birth of this dress was an attempt to piggy-back off of what I did with the men's luxury lyrics tee aka Metamorphosis Tee. Henceforth, the lyrics tee shirt dress is inspired by the song "That One" (To listen click the link that says "That one") by Da Clay  featuring Raging Moses, Ali-Ro, and Bridge-B (Lifeline , 2010). In this beautifully orchestrated song the artists spoke to encourage women in the essence of who they are as a creation and the Creator's design of woman. So the lyrics of the artist Da Clay, that are featured on the third verse of this song, are incorporated into this dress so that every woman wearing this garment is saying, "I am whole in who I am despite what media has to say about it". Here are the lyrics for those who aren't culturally inclined to this genre of music:

Artist: Da Clay
Album: Life Line 2010

When I saw her/
I knew there was something about her/
You can see her love for Christ, by the way/
(you remind me of a Proverbs 31)

Verse 3 (Da Clay)
Her aura radiates from her core/
Her purposely known purpose, she knows been given of the Lord/ (she so beautiful)
Not only in the eye sense/
Nor even the nose sense/
This is blowing all my minds sense/
The Lord's handcrafted incense/
Remember how Eliezer laid his eyes upon Rebecca/
And resting upon her tongue, character formed in love and kindness/
Her services wasn't selfish/
Now Isaac is in communion-ship/
Her many forms of virtuosity wrapped in her meekness/
Intrinsically, intriguing, intricately created/
I'm bated by her existence, my soul is so elated/
Her worth has been confiscated (the media)/
Her value appreciated (the mediator)/
Now every eye can this creation like the Creator/
With every fiber in my being/
I wish to bring into being/
This royal committed for my life my queen/
             ...RING (marriage)/                   

(Figure 1.1)

This tee shirt dress is a love of mine because of the  thigh length and soft look of the fabric, made in supers combed 98% cotton & 2% elasthane 240gsm, which makes for a dress that creates a perfect "frame"(garment)  for the "picture" (person) in it. The silhouette cut makes for a comfortable fit for the body without sacrificing freedom of movement. The primary colors are going to be honey suckle, bright white, and deep lavender, perfect for a 2012 Spring/Summer day out.


*Beautiful low scoop neck that makes the dress flattering.
*Cap sleeves that gives way to the arms.


*I bold and beautiful foil print logo design that is about 5.5 x 7 inches centered on your upper back, to give a reflective property to this dress.

Side (Left)

*Okay, this is a favorite part I like about this garment because you don't see it much on tee shirts anymore. The brand's name in a large 3.5 x 13 inch chain stitch filling embroidery with thick yearn, that wraps from the front/center of the shirt on to the side to the back/center along the waistline.

Side (Right)

* The lyrics (Figure 1.1) that edify "the" woman printed in water base pigment print that feels smooth to the touch.

This is certainly going to be a piece that I can't wait to see my wife in!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt. 3

I left off with the amazing dress of the women's collection, now let's go back to the men's collection. My second favorite article of clothing that I am excited about and I believe will be a very popular item will be the jeans. The men's jeans,  I'd like to call, Yhuwdah Jeans  are what I call "a stand out" amongst some of today's popular brands. They are creatively designed with art and fashion in mind. Here are a few details of this garment:


* First you have the 1.5 mm metal silver studs accenting the line of the pocket the jeans  with the brand's name (Yhuwdah) in silk thread, puff embroidery along the right pocket of the wearer. I thought that this was a great attribute to the jean because with this feature alone the jean becomes something that you can wear with a simple tee shirt or you can "go-all-out" with it.
*Another great attribute to this 5-pocket pair of jeans is the lighter wash on the thigh of the jean and the two-colored speckled paint splashes randomly placed throughout this design. This is another par of the vision of this collection that displays quality and detail.
*Lastly, let's not forget the high quality 14 oz. 100% cotton denim used , in order to this men's jean a manageable masculine feel.

*The back of this jean certainly steps the category of this jean from middle class to high end with the massive letter "Y" center on each back pocket in cross stitch filling embroidery done in lurex thread. To continue with this idea of the embroidered look, we added our company slogan as well "Honor. Glory. Life."
*Just to give Yhuwdah's stamp of approval we give you the lion of Yhuwdah logo in filling embroidery with silk thread .

This is going to be a pair of those jeans that you wear until it is completely worn and once it  is completely worn a new love for its comfortablity will set in. I can't wait to wear these jeans myself! Look for this pair of jeans on the Official website and/or!/groups/Yhuwdah/ in the coming months.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt.2

As we continue the countdown for Yhuwdah's collection bestsellers. I would like to move to the women collection. There is no doubt in my mind the Yhuwdah branded dress will be "the" bestseller of the women's collection with the runners-up being the skinny jeans and the  tee shirt dress. This dress is awesome and very intricate in the detailing. So, let me spend a brief moment introducing the Yhuwdah branded dress to you.

  • Well, besides the Chinese collar with the keyhole cut out above the chest; the puff embroidered silk thread Yhuwdah brand name on the bottom of the dress; and the wide waist band/belt. There is the beautiful puff sleeves that add a bit of a traditional look to it.
  • The shoulder flaps is once again a bit of my military background incorporated into the garment.
  • The beautiful look of this garment is  crafted in 40's 98% cotton and 2% elastane popline. To give the dress a more softer look with a stretch, so that it may fit your body comfortably.

  • This is my favorite part about the dress. The monstrous 10.5 inch Yhuwdah design competed in feeling embroidery with beautiful woolen thread and colors that compliment the architecture of the garment in such a way that it makes this dress the one you pull out to go shopping at the mall or a fun night out on the town.
  • The sides are accented with plastic opaque metallic rivets  that adds careful attention to the silhouette of the garment.
This Yhuwdah branded dress was my attempt to taking the casual silhouette of a dress and injecting a bit of urban "feel" to it. It so contemporary. I believe that this is going to be one of the bestsellers due to the detailing of the garment more-so then the look. In the detailing, alone, you gain a strong sense of pride for knowing that Yhuwdah clothing took time to craft a piece that will make you feel appreciated as a woman.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Collection Bestsellers pt.1

I had a few friends, business associates, and my wife ask me, "What is my prediction of the bestsellers of the Yhuwdah brand?" Over the course of a few days I will tell you what my picks are, as well as why I picked them. Let's start with the men collection. I believe that best selling garment of the men collection will be, undoubtedly, the Luxury Lyrics Tee. The runners-up will be the Yhuwdah jeans and the printed polo shirt. But today we will focus on the Luxury Lyrics Tee.  Let me describe the details of this garment.

  •  Shoulder flap with silver colored snap button accented on the shoulders of the of the garment to add a bit of a soldierly look to the shirt.
  • The massive Yhuwdah lion logo centered on the entire chest in two-tone felt applique with contrast stitching. This is unheard-of on a tee shirt.
  • Let's not forget what separates the tee from the mediocre in order to earn the title: luxury. It is the 100% cotton, super combed single jersey with 210-220 GSM the makes this garment luxurious for the not so average tee.
  • Water based pigment print, which is used for the great construction of the lyrics.
  • The large print of the word Metamorphosis, which stretches across the entire back of the arms (sleeves) and shoulder. Giving it an extremely bold look. We also stepped-up the class of this design by putting this massive word in felt applique with top running show stitching, just as we did with the Yhuwdah lion logo on the front of the shirt.

This shirt was inspired by the rap artist DaClay (, who wrote a song titled: I'm Changed Remix featuring Willie Derr which inspired & birth the Luxury Lyrics Tee called: Metamorphosis. Bits and pieces of this song are incorporated into the completed look of the water based pigment print design on the back of the tee. 

I believe that this garment will sell more amongst the others because it gives off a very masculine but luxurious feel and look to the wearer of the garment.

This piece is certainly going to go very fast indeed!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What is Yhuwdah?

As many of you may know Yhuwdah is indeed the name of my new clothing brand. Merging from independent artist to independent business man, the transition is quite different, massively. Yhuwdah is just another way to spell the word Judah. Those that followed me on my official website or on FB, know generally, my intent with this word. I chose the word Judah or Yhuwdah partly because of the phrase coined, "Lion of Judah", which is a reference to Jesus Christ. Many know Jesus Christ for various reasons, although the name alone can cause a riot in certain geographical locations. One thing that many agree on is the purity in His lifestyle. The reason for choosing this name for my clothing line is because I find myself saying, very often, "I want all that I do to glorify (or praise) the Lord" (following the example placed before me in Jesus Christ). Hence, the meaning of Yhuwdah (Judah) which means "praise", as it is translated from Hebrew. So that's why the name: Yhuwdah.

Whether you see Yhuwdah on our v-neck tee, polo style shirts (men & women), and/or the Yhuwdah dress know that the purpose of each garment existence is to give praise to The Creator of the creator of Yhuwdah.

The Yhuwdah brand slogan is Honor. Glory. Life.; which means we are exclusive to doing the following: promoting positive responses to life in a way that "pure" glory is obtained and honored; you will see slogans such as this on our v-neck tee which happens to feature a a big face lion logo and our slogan. Encouraging people of this brand to remain steadfast in honor, glory & life which is obtainable through love. Lastly, this slogan articulates the biblical point of view of love which I hope infuses application in the lives of the wearers of each garment.